The Word Finder Guide to 8-Letter Words

  • Word games for one player, like Wordscapes, Word Cookies, and 4 Pics 1 Word, also include eight-letter words. Search for frequent prefixes and suffixes to help you solve longer jumbled puzzles. The difficult eight-letter solution might just be a five-letter verb ending in -ING. When other words take their plural or alternative verb forms, they grow to eight letters. The catalog changes to CATALOGS and finishes with FINISHES.

  • In order to score points in the game, you must construct words using the eight letters that are displayed on the screen. Longer words score higher.

  • To add letters to a word, click on the letters or type them in using your keyboard. When you have a full word, click the “submit” button or press “enter” to receive points.

  • You are given a time limit for each level in which you must earn a certain number of points. The game is over if you are unable to complete the objective in the allotted time. Every five levels, there is a bonus round where you have one minute to guess the eight-letter anagram. Failing during these bonus rounds does not cause the game to end.


1. an arrangement in writing

Scrabble is the most well-known and well-liked game in this genre, so these word games are frequently categorized as Scrabble-like or Scrabble-like.

There may be variations in their gameplay and rules, but they are all board games with regular squares and special squares (which award bonus points) on the board. Each player is given a set of letters, and the objective is to create words out of them and arrange them on the board so that they overlap one another, much like in a crossword puzzle.

Depending on how frequently they occur in the target language, the letters have a different point values. The players must use words that contain them to score points. With the highest score, the winner is declared.

2. Crosswords

One hardly needs to introduce crossword puzzles as a timeless classic. The name alone conjures up an instantaneous mental image of a grid of black and white squares that in some places overlap. However, there are also games with different setups. In some variations, it’s up to the players to gradually add in the black squares. In others, the squares are arranged in rows and columns, but there is no grid at all.

The rules remain the same regardless of how the game is set up. Using a clue as their guide, the players must fill in the blanks with words. This typically serves as a definition or usage illustration.

3. Finding words

Word Search is another well-known classic game, similar to Crosswords. Players are given a list of words to locate within a grid of letters in this puzzle-like game. The puzzles are typically broken down into themes, or at the very least, the words on the list have some sort of connection.

Additionally, players of various ages can easily adapt to these kinds of word puzzle games. For instance, kid-friendly crosswords typically have smaller pieces and only have words hidden in the grid vertically or horizontally.

The words can also be written diagonally or backward on the ones intended for adults, which makes them larger and more challenging.

4. Word Hustle and Wordle

The most recent online word game, Wordle, is poised to become popular among fans of word games. A daily puzzle with even more basic rules, it is simple to solve.

Commonly Asked Questions

How many words have eight letters?

  • More than 80,000 eight-letter words are included in the official TWL list of words that can be used in Scrabble. Some of the most common solutions may be recognizable to you, but it can be difficult to understand more challenging words. So you can help you find original solutions with the 8-letter Word Finder tool. Enter your rack letters in the search box to play Words with Friends and Scrabble. You must have a minimum of one letter on the board for an eight-letter word. Use a question mark to see more options, or type a specific letter to narrow down your search. Using the Length filter, you can only look for words with eight letters or fewer.
  • Jumble puzzle solutions are also available in the 8 letter Word Finder. The eight-letter solution will be displayed when you enter the letters in the Wordscapes or Word Cookies puzzle.

Which eight-letter words begin with C and contain the letter?

  • The quantity of eight-letter words that start with C will not even make children COMPLAIN. The contest will go on until a winner has been crowned and the game is over.

Which eight-letter words with the vowel V are there?

  • Whether your Scrabble word is vertical or horizontal, these solutions are still valuable. Fewer words have eight letters that begin with V. If someone breaks the rules, there is no need for violence. Just pause for a moment and deep breathe.

Which scrabble words with eight letters have the highest points?


What are some common 8-letter words?

Common eight-letter words include “adequate,” “birthday,” “capacity,” “delivery,” “exchange,” “frequent,” “graduate,” “historic,” “identify,” “judgment,” “lifetime magazine,” “neighbor,” “organize,” “physical recovery,” “sequence,” and “thinking.”

Which word, with eight letters, do we use every day?


What word has eight letters and begins with S?

Saadians, Saaremaa, Saarland, Sabbadell, Sabeans, Sabeism, Sabters, Sabbaghs, Sabaths, Sabatia, SabaticSabedras, Sabellas, Saabellicsabering, Saabinian, Sabkhahs, and Sabkhats are among the eight-letter words that begin with S.

What word with eight letters begins with the letter M?

Maaloula, Maassens, Maabaheth, Mabahith, Maberrys, Macadams, Macahuba MacCallum, Macanese, Macaoese, Macaques, Macarise, Macarism, Macarize Maconi, Macarons Macoon, and Macassar are a few 8-letter words that begin with M.

How many words with eight letters are there in English?

The English language contains 40,161 8-letter words.

What percentage of the SOWPODS scrabble dictionary’s words have eight letters?

In the SOWPODS Scrabble dictionary, there are 42,150 8-letter words.

How many words with eight letters are there in the scrabble dictionary?

There are 31,475 8-letter words in the Scrabble dictionary.

With the letters ROGERVONER, how many eight-letter words can you make?

You can make words with the letters ROGERVONER that are eight letters long, such as governor and regroove.

The letters HMOJOTOPERI can be used to make how many different words with eight letters.

Homeport is an example of an 8-letter word you can make using the letters HMOJOTOPERI.

How many eight-letter words can you make using the letters TBHORVNGINP?

With the letters TBHORVNGINP, you can make some eight-letter words like northing, thorning, and throning.

How many words with the letters WEBNOJIMNPER can you make with eight letters?

Enjoiner, penwomen, prenomen, and epimeron are some examples of eight-letter words you can make with the letters WEBNOJIMNPER.

How many eight-letter words can you make with POMNOTINJIR?

Monition, troponin, and other 8-letter words can be made using the letters POMNOTINJIR.

With the letters MIZANGHORPI, how many eight-letter words can you make?

Some 8-letter words you can make with these letters are ignorami, morphing, and pharming.

How many words with the letters LOMIPIVIKEATUV and 8 letters can you make?

Impluvia, vomitive, volitive, moatlike, and impolite are some examples of eight-letter words you can make with the letters LOMIPIVIKEATUV.

How many words containing the letters SUMPINODFER can you make with eight letters?

These eight-letter words include infodump, pediform, impounds, unformed, unprimed, informed, uniforms, ensiform, fermions, promises, promised founders, inpoured, and pounder.

With the letters ROLPASUNGERI, how many eight-letter words can you make?

Some eight-letter words that can be made using the letters ROLPASUNGERI include longspur, plongeur, plungers, slurping, earplugs, elapsing, epigones, grapline, graplins, grapnels, graupels, ingroups, paroling, pearling, and perusing.

How many words with the letters VOCDIXLIMNER can you make that have eight letters?

Codriven, coverlid, invoiced, overmild, domicile, and indocile are a few examples of eight-letter words you can make with the letters VOCDIXLIMNER.

What does the scrabble word ZOOPHOBE, which has eight letters, mean?

The phrase refers to someone who is afraid of animals.

What does the scrabble term “PICKAXED” mean, and what is its score?

Meaning: This heavy metal tool is used to break tools and rocks. Score: 24

What does the scrabble word BANJAXES, an 8-letter word, mean? What is its score?

Meaning: To cause envy to ruin or destroy something.

What does the 8-letter word ZOOMORPH mean and what is its Scrabble score?

It has the purpose of illustrating something in animal form.

What does the scrabble word EXEQUIES, which has eight letters, mean?

Meaning: It refers to the customs and rituals observed during funerals.

What does the scrabble word BOMBYXES, which has 8 letters, mean, and what is its score?

It is a specific species of the silkworm moth.

What does the scrabble score for the 8-letter word “SQUIFFED” mean?

Meaning: A slightly intoxicated person is referred to by this term.

What does the scrabble score for the 8-letter word KYANIZES mean?

Meaning: The metal was treated to make it resistant to rust. Score: 24

What does the scrabble word PIQUANCY, an 8-letter word, mean? What is its score?

Meaning: It is the ingredient mixed with regular food to make it sour or spicy. Score: 24

What does the 8-letter word CHROMIZE mean and how does it rank in Scrabble?

Meaning: It is a technique for coating a substance in chromium to increase its strength. Score: 24