What is Lexical Word Finder

Lexical Word Finder look through the whole English language (or “vocabulary”), figuring out where (and what) words might be played on the board. Written in C++, the motor is intended to be outstandingly quick, while as yet thinking about every single imaginable plays. The returned words are the most high scoring conceivable, as it thinks about all prospects:

Starting word generation.

Meeting words.

Contiguous, equal words.

Expanding existing words.

All potential mixes of #2, #3, and #4

The lone thought not made is the strategic favorable position. For instance, be careful about giving your opponent player a chance for a simple “triple word score!” If one exists, select a substitute expression of comparable worth. This judgment is best made by you, the human, not a PC, as it additionally relies upon your rival’s capacities and numerous different components.

Lexicon in layman’s term is defined in many dictionaries as a reference book containing an alphabetical list of words with information about them.

If you want to know what words are searched through in order to determine results, then take a look at the following,


Name - Tournmanent word list, OSW+OSPD, Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon

Words - 178691, 267,751, 172,823

Instruction for users

→Place tiles on the board and rack by clicking spaces and composing letters

→ TIP : Use the navigational keys to help explore the board.

→ Place a clear on the rack or convert a letter on a board to a clear by squeezing space bar.

→ Press the Find button to look for the top words with the most elevated scores!


  • Which words starts with lexicon?

    in. no. ox. xi, cel. col. cox. ice. lex. lox. nix. oil. ole

  • What are the words having a prefix lexicon?

    hypo - hypodermic, hypothermia

    il-, im- infertile, inappropriate, impossible

    il-, im-, ir- influence, influx, imbibe

    infra- infrared, infrastructure

  • What are all words beginning with lexicon?

    15 letter words beginning with lexico - lexicographical

    14 letter words beginning with lexico - lexographer, lexographic

    13 letter words beginning with lexico- lexicographer, lexicologists

    12 letter words beginning with lexico- lexicography, lexicologies, lexicologist

    10 letter words beginning with lexico- lexiocology

    8 letter words beginning with lexico- lexicons

    7 letter words beginning with lexico- lexicon

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